“Es war eine ganz tolle zeit”

 “Es war eine ganz tolle zeit” by Rita Ott in the German newspaper Südwest Presse Neckar-Chronik. Originally published on November 30, 2013.                     Website for the paper: www.neckar-chronik.de Scans of the physical newspaper: German Article Bearce Partial (left side) German Article Bearce Partial (right side) Quote by Yvette   […]

Book Review From The California Courier

Reviewed by Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier, VOL. XLXI No. 50, July 23, 2015, Page 6. The Political Ideology of Ayatollah Khamenei: Out of the Mouth of the Supreme Leader of Iran With the dramatic signing of Iran’s nuclear deal, many American citizens, policymakers, diplomats, scholars and journalists have pondered the motivation behind Iran’s Supreme Leader […]