The Power of the Other

with-fr-vazken“The Power of the Other”: My interview with Fr. Vazken Movsesian from In His Shoes Ministry on March 30, 2017, regarding refugees, faith and Christian duties.

This refugee talk is about the story of human struggle – human being who is in pursuit of future, hope and life. It is also the story of the embrace of a people or a nation who does not necessarily have to respond to humanity in crisis but they do! It is also the story of gratitude of “the hopeless” who finds future, hope and life in the embrace of “the other.”

I strongly believe that if we invest in the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us–the millions of displaced children, women and men across the globe who often become prey of the extremists and terrorists–we can indeed strengthen our national security at home and abroad.

Enjoy this heartwarming, passionate conversation.  

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